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So you're stuck for ideas on what to buy your wife or girlfriend this coming anniversary? We've years of experience helping people like you find and buy the perfect anniversary gift for their wives and girlfriends.

If you don't know what you're looking for, then Find Me a Gift is the place to be.

My husband and I are high school sweethearts, and tied the knot a year ago.

We’ve celebrated 11 anniversaries together thus far, so I’ve had a lot of practice with the gift giving.

In my opinion the best anniversary gifts are ones that are shared between the two of you. So, I usually try to save the clothing or gadgets for birthdays and holidays, and instead choose something that has meaning to us both. There’s something so romantic about really taking the time to appreciate a meal together (sans cell phones and other distractions). One of the best ways to celebrate all the fun you’ve had together in your relationship so far is to make new memories together.

For our first wedding anniversary, I had our wedding band record the songs from our ceremony and packaged them in a cute flash drive that I decorated myself (which could also make a cute “modern mix tape! So if you’re feeling stumped on what to get your guy, here are a few more cute ideas… So whether your significant other appreciates fine dining, a lovingly home-cooked meal, or a casual picnic under the stars, plan a dinner date worthy of the occasion. have included Il Cielo, Inn of the Seventh Ray and The Bazaar, but if you have any suggestions in your own city (or suggestions for our next anniversary), please share them with everyone in the comments. So, instead of gifting a tangible item, why not plan an experience?

We recommend making her feel special with a unique present made just for her.

Perfect for this is our Message In a Bottle which is highly rated by our customers.

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Recently we received a request for an anniversary gift guide, so of course we had to deliver…

Consider creative gift ideas such as photo albums or keepsake boxes that can be personalized with a loving sentiment that thanks your spouse for loving you during the last 5 years.

Your 5th wedding anniversary is around the corner, and Personal Creations has all of the 5th anniversary gift ideas that you need.

Wood – which represents strength, solidity and warmth – are the traditional material of the fifth anniversary. Here are is your complete guide to the fifth wedding anniversary. Wooden clock: A hand-carved artisan clock is perfect for a spouse who likes to support small-business crafters. Antique furniture: A furniture fan will appreciate a work that's full of history – just like your relationship.9.

Game set: Whether it's bowling, chess, backgammon or croquet, a handsome wooden game set is a fun toy for your anniversary! Barrel-aged whiskey: Do you research and score something delicious for the whiskey aficionado in your life.8.

Heavy-gauge cookware: Got a spouse who spends more time in the kitchen than anywhere else? Stainless barware: A sophisticated way to prepare anniversary cocktails.25.

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