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Bill C-6 is an act to amend the Citizenship Act and has at last received Royal Assent on June 19, when the first wave of changes went into effect.

A second wave of […]Gate21 is a resource for newcomers to Canada with the goal of ensuring that skilled immigrants can find meaningful and timely employment.

Thank-you so much for everything, for finding me an amazing job and for looking after me so well when I arrived in Toronto.

I don’t think I could have done what I did this summer without your help, you’ll be pleased to hear that the directors have offered me a job for next summer, I loved it there and became ‘part of the family’, I can’t wait to go back!

Stephen Chase is the founder of this Toronto based business and we talked with him to learn more about Gate21 and what all newcomers should keep in mind while adapting to a new […]Starting in June 2017, refugee claimants from Afghanistan, Burundi, Egypt, and Yemen will be eligible for expedited processing if they are already in Canada.

Claimants selected for expedited processing will have an opportunity to submit documents to support their claim.

All Children can come to this school regardless of their social status.Then a decision-maker from the Refugee Protection Division will either accept the claim based on […]This is the second profile in a series highlighting some of the Hamilton area’s successful immigrants.Name: Naim Zeqiri Country of origin: Kosovo Came to Canada: 2010 Occupation: Animal care attendant, City of Hamilton.The Royal Canadian Yacht Club is a sailing club with a tradition that dates back to 1852.The Club provides yachting activities for racers and cruisers alike from our Island facilities. George Street provides modern facilities for squash, badminton, aquatics and also features a 4,000 square foot fitness area.The name of the school is "Creadores de la Humanidad" and it is located 10min. There is not much money for salaries since the school is funded with donations -the families are only able to contribute to 10% of the real coste of running the school.

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