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To some degree, that may be a part of the natural aging process, but it might also have something to do with your health overall.

There's nothing better than helping gifted, talented and creatve people amplify their personal, professional and creative happiness, effectiveness and accomplishments.

Then meet with a librarian and learn how to gather quality information, access materials and get started on your research!

A librarian will compile a list of great resources for you.

The biggest, most dramatic change in our deep sleep and satisfaction with sleep takes place as we move from adolescence into young adulthood.

“Most adolescents feel like they sleep terrifically, and if you try to wake them up, you’re not even sure they’re alive,” says Robert Simpson, MD, assistant professor in the University of Utah's division of pulmonary medicine and a sleep medicine specialist.

Helping each gifted adult become more aware of the role giftedness plays in their lives--and how they can utilize their multiple talents, interests & abilities to create, and live fully, the life they imagine--is the best work I could possibly do.

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