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The publisher, David Brown, when he wasn't busy driving over his editor with a bus, issued this embarrassing, snivling apology: As publisher of your local newspaper, I want to apologize to everyone we unintentionally upset with our public records request for a list of those who have or have applied for a concealed carry permit. To that end, Editor Robert Horne spoke with Lovin on Friday morning to tell him we were withdrawing our public records request.

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But if your hometown paper published a map that said, "Find out how much your neighbor owes the bank! There were questions about the mayor's ties to Commerce Bank, and I used that data -- and some other reporting -- to show how the mayor asked Commerce to refinance the mayor's mortgage the same time the bank was lobbying him for city business. The same can be true with gun data: When one of our many, many mass shootings occur, people want to know where the killer got his guns. Which is why alleged publisher David Brown is the worst person in American journalism..this moment. You have encouraged us in our mission — to provide quality news and watchdog journalism.

The Carolina Creations gallery is a downtown New Bern legend, and an instrumental contribution to the town's thriving art scene.

There've been a lot of new lows in American journalism lately -- take the whining of the White House press corps over their lack of ability to meet their yelling, celebrity-obsessed editors demands for pictures of President Obama playing golf with Tiger Woods, but not over White House secrecy on drone strikes. It came out that a small paper in North Carolina had the temerity to ask a local sheriff for PUBLIC information about gun permits -- and word leaked out about the request.

(CNN) — He’s an 82-year-old “redneck hillbilly from west North Carolina” who’s been scratching an itch to go fast his whole life.

CNN caught up with Henn by cell phone between practice laps at Daytona International Speedway.

One -- the public's right to know is exactly that...a right, certainly as important to a free and open society as the right to bear arms, arguably more so.

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