Aisha tyler dating 2016

, the co-host spoke candidly about the emotional decision to divorce her partner of more than 20 years.Within a few sentences, Aisha found herself tearing up when praising a man she will always love."He's the person who has influenced me and cared for me the most.“I had this extraordinary love affair for 25 years of my life and that is how I feel. We loved each other passionately and lived life fully and we’re trying to let each other go in the kindest way we possibly can and even though we’re separating, all I want for him is joy and fulfillment and whatever he chooses to do in his life next and whatever I can do to help him do, that I want to do that.” But for those wondering what happened between the actress and Tietjens, Tyler had some strong words.“I want to say to people out there that are speculating about it, that’s what I’m going to say about the relationship and the rest of it is none of your name business,” she said.Aisha Tyler is famous for her curvaceous body and a magniloquent height of 6 feet.She is a yoga practitioner and does cardio on elliptical machine. Her fitness freakiness can be counted by the fact that she has even got up early in the morning at 3 am to exercise.

After a 20-year marriage, “The Talk” star Aisha Tyler and husband Jeffrey Tietjens are heading for divorce.As to why she didn't speak out about the struggles in her marriage sooner, the actress explained that she wanted to protect her husband."He didn't choose this life, I chose this life.It's very unfair to drag someone into this life that doesn't want any part of it.Last week, Tietjens filed papers in Los Angeles citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.In the papers, obtained by “Extra,” it revealed that Aisha and Jeffrey have been separated since January 2015.Jeffrey, an attorney, has not asked for spousal support, but did check the box, saying he is reserving the right to do so in the future.

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