Android gmail widget not updating


Aqua Mail allows you to not only underline, bold, and italics text (many email clients do) but it also allows you to color the text and even select different fonts.Aqua Mail supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Fast Mail, i Cloud, GMX, AOL, and more.Out of all the apps on this list Blue Mail is the most gorgeously designed.Android's open nature makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your phone with widgets, themes, and home screen replacements.

Adding the new widget to your Android phone is easy after installation: Just long press on an empty space of the home screen to add a new object.Android places new alerts in the systemwide notification bar while the i Phone places a notification directly over the specific app.Both systems work well, but some might prefer the i Phone's system.Sometimes the syncing mechanism on your phone may stop working though.Usually this will clear up on its own, but there are some steps you may need to take to fix the problem or to just fix it sooner.This won't delete any of your calendar events and has been shown to fix the problem where a phone won't sync calendar events.

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