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28 April 2006Miley receives visits from both British royalty and her paternal grandmother, who ends up hurting Miley by giving all of her attention to Jackson, who's playing in an volleyball tournament important that's very important to him. Every year Miley's dad goes out to buy a baby present for her.

Miley sends Lily to help Robbie pick out a good present.

In the upcoming episode “He Could Be The One,” Miley repeatedly tries but fails to gently tell Robby (Billy Ray Cyrus) that she’s dating Jake Ryan (Linley) again.

She went on to co-star in the Emmy Award-nominated Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana as Lilly Truscott as well as the series movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie. ==Emily Jordan Osment== (born March 10, 1992) is an American actress, singer, and songwriter born in Los Angeles, California.

Meanwhile, Oliver wants to break up with his bossy girlfriend (Carrie Ann Inaba) but he's too scared to do it, so Jackson gives him some advice on how to make her dump him instead.

Season 3, Episode 10March 15, 2009Hannah pretends to be the girlfriend of a fellow celebrity whom she can't stand in order to gain publicity; Jackson considers cheating on a test; Robby is tricked into doing business with Rico.

At the party, Miley finds out that Willis isn't a senior, really a sixth grader, and he was using her for popularity means. I certainly hope that Jake comes back to the show after four months (it is rumored that he will be a regular in season two).

Miley is totally embarrassed when she sees him doing immature things at the party in front of Jake, and it seems that her plan to make Jake jealous failed.

She gets really jealous and tries to make Jake jealous as well. She thinks that she can finally get together with Jake at school, but then she sees him backstage cuddling up to an actress, Holly. She can't stand the thought of seeing him with Holly so she grabs a senior boy named Willis at the beach and flirts with him to make Jake jealous.

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