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Think of conversation topics as a circle, suggests Kelly Campbell, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at California State University, San Bernardino, who researches interpersonal’d think there would be something for philosophy fans.Well, there is, but the pickings are extremely limited.

Their "Wedded Bliss" agency purports to bring together lonely hearts using computer-matching technology, but couples are actually paired up by Sophie. We've got inspirational (and tear-jerking) wedding galleries, relationship advice (paging Dr. ) and tips on how to have the best sex of your life.Whether you're looking for bridal inspiration, the latest in Black celebrity couple news or even just a new piece of eye candy to pin onto your office cubicle, allow us to inspire you with all kinds of relationship #goals.Then there’s the inevitable fact that they are emotionally incapable of demonstrating their love in a way that will seep into your bones the way kids need it to.There’s a merry-go-round quality about the systems and functions and habits that occur in an alcoholic home."In the beginning of a relationship, you'll cover a wide array of topics that are relatively superficial, then the more you get to know someone, the closer you'll move to the center of circle and talk about topics that are closer to your heart," she explains.

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