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During a staff huddle he is promptly chewed out by an idealistic and annoying young rigger, Kelly Ann (Imogen Poots), who expounds on the ephemeral glory of being a roadie and how much the Man (whoever the Man is) will Just Never Get It. (In another episode, Kelly Ann delivers a diatribe against raisins: "Philosophically, I hate how people add raisins where they do not belong - stuffing, Cream of Wheat, salad."Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix didn't die to become a crop-top in Urban Outfitters! When will people learn that raisins are not the answer?They are equally stressed out and possibly in love with each other - it's hard to tell who are they are or what they actually do, even though they chatter constantly in dialogue that's supposed to clue us in.The best they can do is play the roles of two actors who are failing to achieve chemistry because they're too busy trying to make sense of their lines. A hopelessly uncool business manager, Reg (Rafe Spall), joins the tour in New Orleans with a mandate to curtail expenses.It’s a well-worn cliché, but when attempting to summarize the life and times of Little Shawn the saying “never judge a book by its cover” immediately leaps to mind.

The tour manager, Bill, is played by Luke Wilson ("Enlightened") and the production manager, Shelli, is played by Carla Gugino ("Wayward Pines").

Loved son of the late Paerau Ioane and Tuvaine Topo.

Loved brother of Ioane, and the late Topo Teu, Tongi, Kare, Pepe, and Mata.

Shawn’s streak of successful singles lasted into the mid-‘90s with his first, and last, release for Uptown Records, “Dom Perignon.” But a careful inspection of the lyrics to that seemingly innocent party starter revealed that one of the ‘90s most “fun” artists was actually living a much different life out of the booth than the good-time vibes of his songs would suggest.

Little Shawn’s other life began being exposed to the Hip Hop masses in the early morning hours of November 30, 1994, after Shawn’s manager, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond (also known then as “Booker”), arranged to have Tupac Shakur come to the Quad Studios in midtown Manhattan to record a song with his client.

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