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Although Tim says he is not ready for another serious relationship, he develops feelings for Siu Yau and vice versa.Sam meets a young girl named Mon, who has been taking many wrong paths in her life and he is helping her to get her life back on track.Tim Sir and the police force are in charge of solving murder cases. Sam is a doctor whose responsibility is to find out the victims' causes of death and other health-related jobs.Ding Ding is an investigator who helps to solve cases.That might at least have explained the title of Triumph in the Skies.

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So it's a shame the three derivative storylines — each of which focuses on a would-be couple — are all striking cases of narrative convenience.If you wish to enjoy seafood by the sea, Long Beach will definitely be the most recommended restaurant by local foodies.This well-known restaurant has gained a number of culinary awards in serving the finest and freshest seafood ever.Sam writes books about crime-solving and murder, which Mon enjoys very much.What Sam does not know is that Mon has strong feelings for him.Injecting gravity — but not quality writing — into the mix is a gloomy affair between womanising pilot Jayden (Julian Cheung Chi-lam) and his flighty passenger Kika (Amber Kuo Tsai-chieh).

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