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Register today for your copy of the Centenary DVD About The WIA Centenary Centenary Activities WIA National Field Day Centenary Logo Centenary Award VK100WIA Centenary Roster VK100WIA Online Logbook VK100WIA QSL Card VK100WIA Club & Media Feedback Centenary Convention Weekend of Activities - Canberra May 2010 Media Resources Commendations Bibliography An Arena of Wonder-QSP WIA Timeline The Wireless Institute of Australia is proud to announce the Centenary Convention weekend of activities.

Out of the noise pops your QSO partner at 59 for mostly less than a second, but then he fades fast away again.Sunday will include a live transmission of the VK1WIA news broadcast from the Nation's Capital, a public display of amateur radio, sightseeing and a BBQ in the park.The weekend is promising to be a truly memorable occasion.This effect can be used by radio amateurs to make contacts at distances of up to around You haven't time to speak normally, so you can use a series of audio tones to represent each letter of the alphabet and play this through your radio using a computer soundcard.You speed up the tones so that your short message instead of lasting perhaps 20 seconds, is transmitted in under sending a secret Morse Code message at hundreds of letters per minute very, very quickly to avoid detection and direction finding by the enemy!Sometimes bursts are many seconds long and you may be lucky to make a QSO in one burst. When transmitting signals within the Amateur Radio VHF bands you should prepare yourself to make the QSO in small bits of mostly a few seconds.

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