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After four years he had earned not only a Bachelor’s degree, but also a lot of valuable …For Joni Tada, God has used more than four decades of confinement to a wheelchair to refine her character.

And four decades of marriage to Ken has refined them into an exquisite portrait of God's fully sufficient grace....

While other little girls were busy planning their dream weddings and talking about boys and dresses and rings, I was fantasizing about building a mud hut in the isolated jungles of Africa or living in a small bungalow on the outskirts of town with only a coffee maker and a few dozen animals to keep me company.

I also spent a lot of time in my room alone, writing stories about monkeys and time machines and my creepy ventriloquist doll named Lester — until I discovered Dashboard Confessional.

And my dream of living with dozens of animals has been satisfied by my two Australian Shepherds and a cat. Words aren’t his thing, bless his heart, but he had a great smile and an even greater head of hair — so what’s a girl to do?If you need delivery and/or pick-up on the weekends an extra "after-hours" fee will apply.Pick-ups for a weekend event are scheduled for the following Monday or Tuesday.Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest is in Lynchburg, the home of Anne Spencer - the Harlem Rennaissance poet - and Dr. Lynchburg is the launch site every summer for the Batteaux Festival, where crews dressed in period clothing use poles to navigate their batteaux down to Richmond on the James River.The minimum delivery fee for in-town deliveries (within Lynchburg City limits or the immediate area) is 0.00.But beware, some websites feature programs where you have to pay to become a mystery shopper - you should avoid those.

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