Dating custom shop les pauls

I thought I should post this heads-up on a couple of the boards that I'm on.

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Since its introduction in 1952, the LP’s rich, thick, midrange-focused tone, coupled with a prodigious ability to sustain notes has had a huge impact on the sound of rock, blues, metal, and those genres' modern offshoots.

Because he didn't sign a new contract with Gibson, he can sell these for whatever he chooses.

He is blowing these out for less than many people are selling them used.

It’s ironic that, at a time in which Gibson was going through great strife with declining sales and profit margins, rivalries between the new Nashville plant and the Kalamazoo plant, and the downsizing and eventual closure of the Kalamazoo plant by 1984, the company was able to experiment and respond to requests for guitars that more closely emulated the beloved Les Paul Standard of 1959 – even though some of these attempts were way off the mark!

Chris Lovell, owner of Strings and Things in Memphis, placed a custom order for some Les Pauls in the mid ’70s that more closely approximated the original Les Paul Standard specs, including a narrower headstock, narrow binding in the cutaway, deeper carve top, etc.

That was the reaction in the office when the lid was flipped on the latest R9's case.

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