Dating de la rue playing cards


The troops simply ferried the crates into the vehicles and drove in convoy to the sanctuary of Baghdad’s Green Zone, while Apache helicopters hammered out a steady drumbeat above.Once the cargo had arrived in the Green Zone it was broken up and dispatched to various ‘secure’ points around the country to be dispersed.Double ended turned courts which are framed Backs – Shakespeare with the seven ages of man surrounding him This deck was first produced in 1864 for the tri-centenary of Shakespeare’s birth and reproduced in the 1880’s, 1890s and also in 191 Made in England.This double Bezique deck of playing cards 2*(32/32) Was made c 1910 /1914 The backs are blue with a darker blue pattern The cards are wide with indices The courts are the less fancy De La Rue courts The indices are large for this period and on all four corners The cards are in v good condition - no bends, creases etc Just v light use There are two card markers for scoring One a little scuffed where the pointer has rubbed on the card And rules for both Bezique and Polish Bezique are on card The box is pale blue with dark blue lettering With the suit symbols round the edges The box is in v good - just lightly scuffed at the edges This deck of playing cards (52/52) are the same style as French cards produced in this period - The courts are the standard French style and are the same as those published about this time with "Goodall" and "London" on the court cards - They could also have been made in Belgium on the basis of this card stock type.Tout au long de l'année, des festivals de nature très diverses, allant de la Fête traditionnelleau Festival du Film Policier en passant par les Floralies, la Musique (Blues Passions), la littérature ou les Arts de la rue (Coup de Chauffe), animent la cité.Pour le côté historique de la chose, le premier Sunfish Café a ouvert ses portes en 1998 Promenade des Flots Bleus à Saint Laurent du Var, celui du 62 de la Rue Hérold lui succède, sur le même concept, unique, et simplement efficace !In 1997 De La Rue acquired Harrison and Sons, the stamp and banknote printers, based in High Wycombe.Harrisons had made significant inroads into De La Rue's banknote printing operations.

Il disait que nous n’aurions que cinq minutes de marche après avoir quitté le bus, voilà un quart d’heure que nous marchons et je ne vois pas encore le musée.- - Harold Wilson dreamed up the idea of presenting the President with - four pack of playing cards in a presentation case to - mark the occasion.De La Rue had been handed the 0 million contract to make the high-security, counterfeit-resistant notes by the U. The company supplies banknotes to over 150 countries across the world The Boeing 747 banked over Baghdad Airport before entering a steep dive, levelling up at the last moment and touching down on the runway. Their job was to protect one of the most secretive cargos to be landed in the aftermath of the allied invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.The printing is in red, green, black and yellow- The faces are left uncoloured - There are indices, backs are plain patterned pink- the same are a known back made by Goodall - Aces are plain - Cards are very good comdition - no damage - v little use These playing cards are complete (52/52 J cards).The backs have "Cambridge University - My Power's A Crescent " on a pale blue background together with the college shield - Cards are mint - There is no box The backs have a picture of George V and Mary on them - with the inscription "Coronation Dubar Delhi 1911" The cards are complete 52/52 and in near mint condition.The view of firms such as De La Rue or Giesecke & Devrient of Munich was that the party of Mr.

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