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Women are dangerous, and a hero can be undone by his lust.

A more creative reading might come away with “Loose lips sink ships.” Samson should have known from previous experience that sleeping with the enemy is dangerous business (see the story of his ex-wife in Judges -17).

Combining right words and melodies in a song can create a feeling, in an instant, that can spur a decision that can change a destiny.

typical teenage drama; guy breaks up with girl for all the right reasons.

Conventional readings of the Samson and Delilah story (Judges 14-16) paint Samson as a strong but stupid and gullible man who is undone by Delilah’s conniving and feminine wiles.

“Don’t give your strength to women,” has been the moral of the story preached from more sexist pulpits.

* * * The beginning of September now and everything is still green and hot. You’ll probably end up reading it for class.” He tells you he used to date a girl who went to your college in the eighties. They are so close to the white fences you can see their long tails flicking away the flies. She is talking to someone else and then she is gone and someone is handing you a can of beer. She is also addicted to zumba, salsa and yoga, which are far healthier, cheaper and stress-free.

“Tell me how you may be bound.” These would be kinky words on the lips of any lover, but the fact that they are in the Bible makes them especially scandalous.

but i know you, and i know he will never make you laugh harder, think deeper, hug tighter, cuddle warmer, kiss better, or breath faster than me. so for now, the corners of my eyes catch everything but you give yourself away.

The latest darlings of Seattle’s Glam-EMO-Rock scene, Dating Delilah, wrote, recorded, and mixed their latest release “Don’t Think, Just Move” over 6 month’s late in 2006 and early 2007.

Singer and primary songwriter John Humphries drove the vision on this record with some departure from the sound and feel of their 2005 debut release “The Making of a Man”.

We write, record, produce, mix, master, and distribute all our own music, and book our own tours.

Our new album, "Don't Think, Just Move." is available now at easy street, sonic boom, everyday music,, and itunes.

* * * Naked under the lights against a white backdrop. On every available surface are stacks of newspapers and canvases and old manuscripts. He uses thick acrylics and his paintings are of atrocious shapes, faintly feminine, bulging things, like a Matisse that has binged on Mc Donald’s. Vogue and all that.” He’s fiddling with a camera now, checking the aperture, wiping the lens. The south side of his house is made of plate glass windows and you’re standing against the railing watching yourself watch his camera as he is taking pictures of you. When it’s over he hands you a crisp hundred and a picture. In the photo you’re lying on your belly, propped up slightly by your arms. He tells you he received his Masters in Architecture from Yale. He felt the urge to do just that pulse through his body. You’ve stopped breathing now and I’ll keep these thoughts in my head.

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