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Or whether it’s OK to open an ecard when you receive one — especially from someone you know?

Most people never consider the dangers of ecards — and unfortunately, there are plenty of dangers.

If you want to mail a greeting card, I also have a list of free, printable greeting cards for just about every occasion.

Punchbowl is my favorite free ecard website because not only will you find beautiful free ecards here, their website is extremely easy to use.

Ecards are a very convenient and inexpensive way to send greetings to your friends and family, and they can even be used to promote your business.

There are thousands of ecard companies, and ecards can be a handy way to send a quick thank you, sorry, or thinking of you message — as well as a cheap and easy emergency fix when you forget a special occasion and you no longer have time to send a regular card by snail mail.

If you did follow their instructions, however, you would find yourself signing up for an adult dating website which has an emphasis on extra-marital affairs with no strings attached. you have to wonder how many people genuinely want to sign up for a creepy website like that, if it is having to be advertised through such elaborate and spammy methods.

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They're also a great way to wish someone a happy birthday or anniversary if you forgot to send the card.

Romantic ecards and Love and Dating greetings touch the heart of your special someone across the miles, at work or just as a special love greeting in their day.

Love e cards and online animated Romance e-cards keep the flames of love high and burning bright.

Unfortunately, many of the popular free ecard websites are difficult to navigate, overrun with advertisements, and have only poor quality ecards.

Some of the more popular sites will even say that they have free ecards until you go to send it, and then they try to charge you a membership fee.

Since we’re getting close to the holiday season and the biggest time of year for ecards (also called e-cards or electronic greeting cards), we decided to devote today’s issue to answering the question: Are ecards safe?

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