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A British man who fell in love with a Thai woman he met in a bar.He was unaware that ALL man-woman relationships are based on mutuality, not romance.Colin lives in Bangkok but spends his weekends in Pattaya. 'Now younger blokes are coming to Thailand to live and work, aiming a bit higher, I know two UK lads who are dating beautiful Thai Chinese girls, now it wouldn't be my own cup of tea but I never thought I'd see anything like that.' The background to this is the affluence and success of the Thai Chinese in Thailand.For the last three hundred years Thai Chinese have been immigrating to Thailand and have established themselves as a sizeable minority in the Kingdom.The availability of young brides for older men makes a Thailand retirement one of the most attractive possibilities on earth.

Older men are regarded as good matrimonial catches and ageism is almost unknown.So for guys: don’t try to make sexual advances with her until she finds you a true gentleman!Furthermore, men and women are not traditionally used to show off their affection in public.Some westerners might have experienced nightlife in Thailand and have bad dating impressions about Thai bargirls.Even worse than that, (as it is common to focus on the negative side and disregard the positive side), people may generalize this concept of Thai women and regard all of them as promiscuous.All of these Thai girls are from respectable and traditional Thai families, a large proportion will be Thai Chinese women.

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