Dating persona dbsd

Been seeing this guy (let’s call him KTM) recently and we do crazy things together and have a lot of fun.Recently he confessed that he was interested in me.

Saya juga sibuk baca sastra klasik kayak dan baca novel-novel sekarang.

Anyway, a Happy 2009 to all and hope you're all well.

Updating a blog isn't like having a conversation with someone where there is stimulus in the form of a response to jolt the old brain cells into activity.

Due to certain reasons, we agreed to remain as good friends, on these conditions.

1) Both parties do not expect anything from each other 2) Both parties do not expect anything to come out of our friendship 3) Whatever happens is subject to the consent of both parties. Most likely, though, you’re a little closed off–therefore mysterious–and, naturally, people find that difficult to get with.

Saya paling mengagumi Grell Sutcliff dan paling benci Sebastian karena dia Gary-Sue. Gedung SMA dan seragam putih-abu bertebaran dimana-mana. Tapi kalau gurunya tokoh-tokoh di Kuroshitsuji, masih bisa bilang biasa? (Warning: Fanfic ini hanya untuk gila-gilaan dan senang-senang saja!

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