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The Altaians are presented by two ethnographic groups: The Altaians were annexed by the Four Oirat of Western Mongols in the 16th century.The Mongols called them "Telengid" or "Telengid aimag" in period of the Northern Yuan dynasty.Altai is one of Siberias most valuable areas of historical and cultural heritage: over 5,000 monuments of archeology, architecture, history and culture pepper the territory.Altai is a blissful place for archeological research and discovery.For alternative ethnonyms see also Teleut, Tele, Telengit, Mountain Kalmuck, White Kalmuck, Black Tatar, Oirot.

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The Altay or Altai are a Turkic people living in the Siberian Altai Republic and Altai Krai.

The earliest evidence of prehistoric human habitat in Northern Asia was found in Denisov Cave and its vicinities.

The unique finds recently made by archeologists, indicate that the Altay land has not yet disclosed all its well‑kept secrets.

The territory presents quite a variety of landscapes — flat grassland steppes, wooded steppe and forests, and mountains.

The climate is moderately continental, with warm summer and moderate‑frost wintertime.

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