Dating victoria lukyanova

She seems to be right up there with Victoria Beckham in the face-mobility stakes.

Of course, her goals are loftier than mere modelling.

Some people beleive her self-portraits look photoshopped. It's very impressive that she doesn't have expression on her face. It appears that she doesn't have a soul and personality.

Many dubbed her the "human Barbie" due her long blonde hair, enormous eyes, breast implants and 18-inch waist.

Like Blondie Bennett, who’s not only had plastic surgery to LOOK like the doll — she’s also embarked on a hypnotherapy mission to become totally brainless like one! Then there’s Valeria Lukyanova (above), who’s been striving to look like Barbie for years. Anyway, she’s allegedly a follower of "Breatharianism" (the words "breath" and "air" sort of squished together), a practice which basically teaches that humans can be like plants and live off nothing but light and air. And we’re pretty sure humans can’t live on nothing.

Remember that magazine spread that kinda felt sorta creepy? But while plants are allowed to add water to that equation, a Breatharian apparently doesn’t need it.

‘I also teach people to leave their physical body and travel in the endless expanses of the universe.

This is so beautiful.’ Her 6,500 followers on Facebook find her compelling for altogether different reasons.

Well, now we’re learning how she achieves her absurdly small waistline.

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