Dating younger bad boys

There are a ton of reasons why you should NOT fall for a bad boy. They will break your spirit and sometimes, even a few bones.

But no matter what the consequences, bad boys have their charms, and we are bewitched.

There is something about bad boys that draws women to them.

They are like Sudoku puzzles that women try to solve, only the numbers go way higher than 9, and the boxes look like they’re made for crossword puzzles instead. Only to find out he is irreparable, and that’s his lure.

I remember my mother once saying to me, “Shellie, I just want you to marry a kind man. Nice guys are the ones who are gonna call when they say they will and are usually quite clear about their intentions.One way to investigate the issue is to present women with hypothetical men with different personality types and see which ones they prefer.In one such study, participants had to help a fictional character named Susan choose a date from three male contestants, based on their answers to her questions.However, as many reasons there are not to date one, there are also good reasons why you should.Go ahead and fall for the rebel It may seem counterintuitive to encourage anyone to fall for a bad boy. However, as we began to talk more, strictly on a platonic level, and he shared with me the fact that he’s not good at being able to hold down a relationship, that he has a thing for choosing women who have more beauty than substance and then weaving those revelations in with “Oh, I definitely have some issues”, I heard him differently than I’ve heard other men before who were a lot like him. Let’s just say that his friends don’t seem to be the most…polite and I’m a firm believer that friendships reveal a lot about a person.

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