Dreamweaver template not updating all pages


That makes it easier to create new pages as you design your site, especially if you use more than one template in your website.

IN Dreamweaver CS4 on the Local Info category, there is a Enable Cache checkbox, check it and click OK.

This column is about creating Templates with the extension – a step that saves time when creating custom sites in Adobe Dreamweaver.

The HTML templates you can create with Dreamweaver’s extension are great for portfolios, photo galleries, and other sites where you have a series of pages that use many of the same elements.

In the California Wildlife Photography web site shown in the following steps, the template is used to store common web page features, including the banner at the top of the page, and the navigation links across the top and bottom of the pages.

Note: To create templates for your web pages, you must already have set up the site using Dreamweaver’s Manage Site features to define a local root folder for your web site on your personal computer.

Dreamweaver allows you to make changes to all template-based web pages site-wide.

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