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Today, we are publishing a case study that explores effect of having a live chat widget on signups.One of our customers, Ez Texting, found that putting a live chat widget helped increase their signups by 31% over the original design (which did not have a live chat widget).The result is a menagerie of alerts that detract from the user experience.Notifications can do more harm than just annoying your user.And, as you know, they managed to increase signups by 31%.

Understanding the different reasons your credit card application may be rejected could help you increase your chances of approval.This is a small chat view (list of messages and text area to send new ones). When the user writes and sends a message from the text field, an event is fired (' Opposed to version 1 of, we need no more dependencies :) It uses Alloy models and collections ( The collection order is preserved so you have to sort it manually, on your side, if you intend so.Because messaging is often not deployed with the respect and time it deserves.They're often thought of as one-off and isolated experiences, instead of a holistic communication strategy.A bad in-app notification can make your user leave your product quicker than you can say “spam.” A good one can give your user real value and build habitual product usage.

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