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Three members of Pussy Riot, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich, and Maria Alyokhina, were charged with “flagrant violation of public order, expressing clear disrespect for society, committed...

on the grounds of political, ideological, racial, ethnic or religious hatred or enmity or hatred or animosity towards any social group.” This crime is punishable up to five years hard labor or seven years in prison.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot, Russia Members of the feminist punk rock collective were jailed after protesting Russian President Putin in a church.

The group has since used its notoriety to promote human rights issues.

It has all the qualities of a fleet response: undigested rage, whip-smart wit devastating fluency and an aim as straight as an arrow…

This is the story, savagely well told by our greatest comic novelist, of how we got in the state we’re in." (Francis Wilson Oldie)"The pairing of author and subject sounds divinely ordained: The world’s smartest comic novelist vs.

The story was not slated to air on Friday night's edition of the show, however.

If Trump’s presidency is a source of continuing anxiety, then among its very few benefits is that it has moved one of our finest comic writers to write an elegantly savage satire of a man who defies satire." (Andrew Anthony Observer)"Jacobson is…

Often, the plurality believe the punishment was deserved or insufficient.

Even educated, western-leaning, liberal, anti-Putin individuals look unfavorably upon them.

on Friday by a source who told him about the footage, according to a Post story about how he got this scoop.

Fahrenthold asked NBC for comment about the tape around noon Eastern time.

The face of the political opposition, Alexei Navalny, derided Pussy Riot as "fools who commit petty crimes for the sake of publicity.” Let's recap what happened.

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