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There was quite a range in size for the Sukeban groups, but the largest was known as the Kanto Women Delinquent Alliance, which included 20,000 girls. The Sukeban girls followed strict rules within their own groups, and breaking them would result in lynching.

Getting burned with a cigarette was considered only a mild punishment. They would wear pleated skirts that went down to their feet, and would custom embroider their uniforms.

With the Meiji emperor’s call for “Civilization and Enlightenment,” the old order—including the nuances of traditional dress—was thrown into chaos.

At first men wore bowler hats with kimonos as a tangible demonstration of their patriotic attempts to modernize, while women donned high-buttoned boots with updated Japanese garments: loose-fitting hakama—trousers dating from the twelfth century—which were adapted to wear over kimonos.

The kimono, which literally means “thing to wear,” was—and had been since the thirteenth century—standard dress for all Japanese.

Elaborate time-honed conventions determined everything from color and pattern to sleeve length, and signified social class as well as marital status.

The following photographs of women provide tantalizing glimpses into some of the radical changes that have marked the past century.

At the opening of the Meiji era in 1868, only the few Europeans and Americans living in Japan wore Western dress.

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