Glass door knob dating


If you're restoring a house built between the mid-18th and the mid-20th century, you can't go wrong with one of the knobs below.

While doors in the earliest American homes would have featured thumb latches instead of knobs, simple brass doorknobs began appearing in upscale homes in the 1700s.

Once you choose a style of doorknob you like, you will have to option to choose from multiple functions to fit your requirements.

Not all doorknob styles are available in a keyed function.

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(Note: If you're worried about bright, shiny brass knobs stealing the show, look for antique versions, which generally have a more mellow patina.)When American pottery companies began making white porcelain doorknobs based on imported European examples in the mid-1800s, the style took off and stayed in vogue through the first part of the 20th century.

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Though they never fell completely out of fashion, the popularity of brass doorknobs waned a bit in the Victorian era, when myriad other styles captured the attention of homeowners.

With additional decoration (including molded and beaded rims), the style made a big comeback during the Colonial Revival.

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