Greeks dating system

Dating of days and months was quite similar to the modern method.

The Roman calendar used a system of months, and special days in each month.Some letters (stigma, koppa, and sampi) continued to be used as numbers even after they were no longer used by Greeks as letters.Basically, the letters of the alphabet were used to each represent a different number, and when these letters were combined, the number represented was the sum of the values of the individual numbers.Treating all members of the Colgate community fairly, welcoming students of all backgrounds, collaborating with other groups, encouraging expression of various beliefs/backgrounds within group, promoting discovery of new perspectives, and organizing events with broad appeal.Encouraging social interaction among members, facilitating continuity and evolution of the organization, honoring and developing constructive traditions, fostering peer learning, and connecting with active alumni mentors and resources.A few examples will make this clear: IB = 12, since I=10 and B=2 TM = 340, since T=300 and M=40 Unlike the modern dating system, which assigns a number to each year (e.g.

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