History of dating shows

While there were legitimate BBSs, most were at least somewhat involved in illicit, illegal, or other shady practices.

Adult material, virus code, information and instructions for hacking and phreaking (phone hacking), and materials like The Anarchist’s Cookbook were commonly hosted on BBSs.

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Compu Serve was the first company to incorporate a chat program into their service.There have been countless dating shows over the past 50 years, but they largely subscribe to one of three formats: speedy matchmaking along the lines of The Dating Game, voyeuristic date commentary akin to Love Connection, and dramatized dating competitions like Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire? As is the case with most television, the primary goal is always to entertain the audience at home, but as time marched on, many of these shows traded sweetness for sarcasm and grabs at romance for grabs at fame.It all started with The Dating Game on ABC in 1965.Prodigy was responsible for making online service more affordable (Compu Serve had been prohibitively expensive for many, with charges of /hour plug long-distance fees that often made the service run /hour or more).Genie was an early online service created by a General Electric subsidiary (GEIS) in 1985.A woman dated a group of guys but had to identify which were gay and which were straight.

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