How to stop firefox from updating Dating naken


So, I looked up a bit: You can set these prefs in about:config to disable automatic updating: app.- false app.update.enabled - false app.update.silent - false .... So, is there a way to stop the updates of this "extern" version of Firefox on "application" level (i.e.

in its application folder), such that is still uses the "Default User" profile otherwise user by the main Firefox version?

When that happens, some of your add-ons may stop working.

You have the option to prevent these updates from happening. Launch Firefox, click the Tools button on the Menu bar and select “Options.” If you don’t see the Menu bar, click the orange “Firefox” button instead and select “Options.” The Options window opens.

Ran it fine for a day, it crashed, and when I restarted it, surprise, surprise I'm on v54.

The problem here is that at startup, even this version uses the "Default User" profile that my normal system Firefox uses. $ find firefox-46.0.1/ -name '*.js' firefox-46.0.1/defaults/pref/$ cat firefox-46.0.1/defaults/pref//* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public * License, v. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this * file, You can obtain one at

Now I could set up a separate profile folder just for this Firefox, but then I have to manage more things - which I don't find worth the effort, since all I want to do anyways, is just to stop the updates. */ pref("", "release"); indicates that these preferences have not changed from their defaults.

I deleted everything I could find on my computer Mozilla related, re-installed version 51, checked the box to not update and checked daily to make sure that there were no pending updates.

I ran it for about a week just fine, but then it crashed and when it restarted, it was on version 53.

Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04 just updated to v 47, and it broke some of the stuff I was working on.

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