Jake gyllenhaal and natalie portman dating


Pink and Joey Fatone: In the June 2013 issue of , Pink opened up about some of her past loves—and this one was a shocker.

“Joey Fatone was in love with me,” she said, referring to the ‘N Sync star. ” Between her pink hair and his shockingly bad red dye job, we think they would have been an early Aughts red carpet match made in heaven.

What we’re after is substance, some kind of material truth. presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. We watched it in this dome, so it kind of felt like a black hole. PORTMAN: Well, I don’t think you can really improve upon Carvel ice cream cake. So I’ve started to see people looking more toward their own passions and what really excites them.

There’s a common grumbling that we know too much about celebrities today, that the flow of data and images and the strange cult of online personality in the early 21st century has manifested a damaging transparency in the famous-people business—that celebrities aren’t what they used to be, that they wear flip-flops and buy groceries and post strange messages on the Internet, that they’re just like us, and who wants that? If you could add any person to Mount Rushmore, who would it be and why? It would have been weird if we were having these parallel hallucinatory experiences at the same time. Well, not even a more innocent time but maybe a more drugged-out time. Obviously it’s much easier to say that you’re going to follow your passions when you’re financially secure, but at least we can take solace in the fact that we now have the time to pursue the things that we really want to pursue because now the option of doing things just for the money isn’t necessarily there.

Also pictured inside is Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.

10 pictures inside of Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal at the FINCA gala…

In fact, many of them have past relationships that few of us even know about. The “Parks and Rec” star admitted to Howard Stern that after her divorce from Will Arnett, she rebounded with John Stamos. Another example of a shocking celebrity couple: Pink admitted to last year that she dated N’Sync member Joey Fatone.

This got us thinking about other stars who’ve dated fellow famous folks in the past, most of whom we’ve either forgotten about as couples, or never knew were couples at all. Amy Poehler and John Stamos: After her divorce from Will Arnett, the “Parks and Recreation” star rebounded with none other than hot Uncle Jessie. Like, if this is really a date…’ I think I was wearing a Leslie Knope top.

FINCA works to provide financial services to low income entrepreneurs worldwide so that they can create jobs for others and improve their living.

(2005), which afforded her the opportunity to be, for a fleeting moment, the hottest girl at Comic-Con, and inspired a band to call themselves Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. I’m trying to think of someone who has amazing enough features, but it also needs to be the face of a person who is a meaningful human being. PORTMAN: There’s a new one now at Hollywood and Vine. GYLLENHAAL: Your affection for dirty rap is something that people really don’t know about you, which I think is fascinating. It makes me laugh and then it makes me want to dance. I’ve been listening a lot lately to “Wait (The Whisper Song)” by the Ying Yang Twins, where the lyrics are like, “Wait ’til you see my dick”—which is just amazing because it’s whispered. So I just listen to it like I’m a five-year-old, like, “Oh my god! ” GYLLENHAAL: It’s interesting that you think the lyric “Wait ’til you see my dick” describes your current state.

Now, she’s directing (she helmed a segment of the new anthology film ). We know that when Portman was 11 years old, a scout from Revlon approached her at a local pizza joint on Long Island and asked if she would be interested in pursuing a career in modeling. Obviously, when you think of Mount Rushmore, you think of Lincoln. I think that part of the reason we make that association is because he was one of first presidents to be photographed. As he went through the Civil War, it just got more and more worn—he wore his stress and his obligations on his face. I think it’s the one that was at the observatory and it moved down there. PORTMAN: I was sober, but I’ve been really tired lately, and that feeling kind of resembled being out of sorts—for me, at least. You do incredible things for the world, and then you listen to just completely obscene hip-hop music. Those are like my two favorite things, so combined . I think people are learning more about you right now then they ever have in an interview. PORTMAN: [] Well, you’re really good at getting out the dark secrets.

Bold colour-blocking was all over the runways at Roksanda Ilincic and Roalnd Mouret, and asymmetric hems flourished at Balenciaga and Victoria Beckham.

Combine the two (in Ruth's dress) and you've got a gown so on-trend it hurts!

“We are thrilled to close out the 2017 SXSW Film Festival with such a special film as ‘Life,'” said Janet Pierson, SXSW’s director of film.

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