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that they had sex, among many other secrets from the show.On Spelling's one-hour Lifetime special, the mom of four confirmed that she had a "summer fling" with Priestley, who played Brandon Walsh on the series. It was our version of a summer romance," Spelling reflected. And we stayed great friends for the rest of the run and beyond that." PHOTOS: 90210 stars -- then and now! PHOTOS: '90s nostalgia pictures "I remember... I could hear the door fly open and everyone screaming and crying," Spelling recalled.

While Dean Mc Dermott's wife denied that she had sold the invitation, the lie detector caught her fib.

"It was a very cool attitude, until it wasn't." The cast of did indeed hook up with each other.

It's true -- and a lie detector test doesn't lie. And that was it, and we stayed great friends." "Oh my god, I'm gonna get in so much trouble for this," the 42-year-old reality star continued nervously. "What everyone felt on TV, we all felt in real life." As for Green, who played David Silver -- it was more than sex.

costars she had sex with — and which one she got fired. "Yes, but I'm not going to tell you who it is," replied an anxious Spelling, who was hooked up to the lie detecting device. I'm trying to do my lie detector poker face." With a gasp, Roe processed, "It was Jason Priestley." "Yeah," Spelling replied meekly. "That's when I was told the boys just had to break up Jennie and Shannen.

As teased last week, Spelling, 42, confessed to sleeping with two of her former costars, though one of the identities remained anonymous... "Was there anyone else from the original cast, I'm just going to say it, that you had sex with? It was like a fistfight." Doherty's behavior got so bad that Spelling called her dad to get rid of the actress.

The two quickly became best buds — think Brandon and Dylan if they had met in acting class — in those pre- days.

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