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Immigrant Council chief executive Denise Charlton said criminalising sex buyers is the best way to prevent exploitation and the trafficking of girls and women.

Ms Charlton said the new research shows most people who pay for sex are highly educated and in a relationship.

The PI and AH forums always have a plentiful supply of topics regarding both men and women not being able to get a gf/bf, still being a virgins, afraid they'll end up alone etc. The media is bombarding us with sexual imagery and telling us we should all be swinging from the chandeliers in our mad sexcapades.4. Online dating is only for weirdo's who can't "get" anyone in real life.8.

Many of the varying topics that come up in discussion are that:1. If you're a virgin over the age of *insert age here* you're a saddo.9. What I'm trying to start is a general discussion with regards to the forming of relationships both loving and sexual in an Irish context. In general we don't do the American "dating" thing of asking out randomers on the street yet we seem very adept at scoring randomers in a drunken state at pubs/clubs etc and trying to build a relationship on a one night encounter.

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Murphy said that people who knew him were turning away from him in the street because he is Larry’s brother.

He said: Tom Murphy said it was time for the press to allow the woman who was assaulted and raped by Larry Murphy 10 years ago to get on with her life, and that she deserved an apology from her attacker: “That woman deserves those two words: I’m sorry.” When asked by the presenter, Charlie Bird, if he had ever spoken to his brother about a number of women who remain missing in Ireland, such as Jo Jo Dullard, Tom Murphy said he did ask him, and Larry said he had nothing to do with it and couldn’t believe he would ask that.

He said he could believe his brother didn’t have any connection to the disappearances, adding: CONVICTED RAPIST Larry Murphy has been released from Arbour Hill prison this morning.

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My plan is for this thread to go waaaaaaaay off topic and branch in every direction. I think in order to set things going I probably need to ask a question (feel free to ignore it and answer something completely different): Men were once portrayed as dominant providers who demanded sex and women as the meek caring child bearers who provided men with sex to maintain the relationship.

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