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Knowledge about how race governs partner selection has been predominantly studied in the United States, yet it is unclear whether these results can be generalized to nations with different racial and immigration patterns.

Using a large-scale sample of online daters in nine European countries, we engage in the first cross-national analysis of race-related partner preferences and examine the link between contextual factors and ethnic selectivity.

According to a Q&A with Snowden after the movie aired on Thursday night, yes, the movie is very accurate. Snowden’s lawyer said theories about his death were unfounded.

Nokia's rubber boots went on to become a design classic, although they are no longer made by the company.Starting from humble beginnings in 1865 as a riverside paper mill in rural south-western Finland, the company's founder Fredrik Idestam would never have dreamed it would one day become a global brand.The Nokia name - now synonymous with mobile phones, the addictive game Snake and signature ringtones - came from a second mill Mr Idestam set up a few years later on the banks of the Nokianvirta River, which inspired him to name his business Nokia Ab in 1871.But from an upside-down perspective in the blinding white glare of the morning sunlight on the icy slopes of Kuhtai, Austria, Mills is nothing short of an Alpine goddess as (for the tenth time in 80 minutes) she hauls all 8st 2oz of my dead-weight body back on to my skis, tells me I’m ‘doing great’ and lines me up (‘Get very tight between my legs’) for another attempted hill turn.But in an attempt to prolong my breathers in between falling, sliding and turning, we talk about, well, everything: her marriage to the ex-Beatle (‘I was completely in love with him; he was like a cross between Peter Pan and Captain Hook’), the daughter she shares with Mc Cartney, Beatrice (‘She’s very smart, very loyal...The movie shows them meeting when his career was just starting out and when she was a fledgling photographer. He talked about scenes in the movie, such as a big fight they had in Japan, and referred to himself as “the world’s worst boyfriend.” Everyone struggles in intense situations, he said, but he would like to think he was a little better than the movie portrayed. You may remember in August, when Snowden disappeared for over a week and scared thousands on the Internet who thought he had died.

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