Ms dhcp not updating dns

I have tried and deleted the lingering objects , with the repadmin command, but they keep coming back.

Hello, I have just a general question, and havent had any luck searching for the answer, any information or direction would be greatly appreciated, here are the details: Right now DHCP on our network is handled by a Catalyst switch 4506, but the problem is it is not updating our DNS, like as in a windows Active Directory Integration Zone. Is there a way/commands to have the Cisco switch update our Windows DNS server when a DHCP clients lease is up, or is released?

The credentials that I have supplied for the DDNS in the DHCP are from domain admin group.

So if DHCP is updating, than it seems that DNS is not doing the job properly, or I am wrong. Also I have noticed during more troubleshooting, that I have lingering objects between domain controllers, that are 180 days tombstone problems having, and I cannot replicate some DNS records between two sites.

Note: DHCP failover does not support for BOOTP in Windows Server 2012 RTM, but DHCP failover does support BOOTP in Windows 2012 R2.

Here is a screenshot of BOOTP being disabled on the scope.

If we have the DNS Service running on the DHCP server and the secondary Zone is available, we do not see the SOA request on the packet capture because the DNS request is handled locally.

We still do not see an update request for the client though.

When the device was power cycled, it would send two BOOTP Request messages.There are no firewalls between the DHCP Server and DNS Servers.The DHCP server can update it's own DNS Records without any problem.The DHCP Failover nodes would ignore these messages since BOOTP was not enabled.The timeout for the BOOTP messages took 6 seconds total: Therefore, when the DHCP DISCOVER was sent, the device populated the DHCP SECONDS field with the value of 6.The SOA is listed as the Info Blox which is hosting the Zone.

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