My supervisor is intimidating


Try as he might, he has had no success in figuring out a phenomenon he has regularly ran into in his life.Normally if he sits down and ponders things he can figure it out, but not this one.

To make a long story short, a little over a year ago, my relationship with my most recent direct manager started to go downhill.

So riddle me this riddle me that Cappy Cappites: "Are bosses really intimidated by some of their employees?

I ask because when I have rammed heads with management in the past (which has pretty much been always) my peers, friends, family and loved ones always say, "Well, he/she is probably just intimidated by you.

An incident after my first season as vice president/general manager of my first baseball team almost took me down even further.

During my first season I came up with an idea to increase advertising revenue in our nightly game scorecard for the next season.

Research time lieutenants, agents in the field, and all varied and sorted types of economists!

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