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In the early 1980s she moved toward a new wave style that drew on reggae, funk, post-punk, and pop music, frequently collaborating with both the graphic designer Jean-Paul Goude and the musical duo Sly & Robbie.

Her most popular albums include Warm Leatherette (1980), Nightclubbing (1981), and Slave to the Rhythm (1985).

Jones began her modelling career in New York state, then in Paris, working for fashion houses such as Yves St.

His sister, Grace Jones, is a well-known Jamaican singer and model.Rumor has it that things are quite serious between the two and they are really considering marriage.Also, we hear that Lisa Raye is trying to shop a reality show on behalf of Pastor Jones, called Keeping Up With the Joneses.“That woman is physically beautiful, mentally intelligent [and] loves him to the core,” Gibson said.But Jones is less then enthused about the bet, asking, “Do I want to take the chance of ruining a marvelous friendship with marriage?Grace Jones (born ) is a Jamaican born singer, songwriter, lyricist, supermodel, record producer, and actress.

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