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July 29, 2017 – Lockeport, NS at Seacaps Park Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women & Song is the only women’s music festival in Atlantic Canada.

The festival began in 2005 out of the recognition that many festivals program a disproportionate number of men.

On This Page: About us | Our cameras | If you want to use our photos | Contact us Whether you’re a homesick Nova Scotian, a once or future visitor to our sweet province, or a current resident, we hope you enjoy our collection of Nova Scotia photos.

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We didn’t design the Nova Scotia Photo Album specifically to promote tourism, but we hope it will encourage you to visit the province and experience its hospitality first hand. After high school I lived, studied, worked and travelled in New Brunswick, West Africa, Montreal, Europe, Mexico and Central America before returning to Nova Scotia in 1989.

They wished to create a space for female singer songwriters to showcase their original works.

Harmony Bazaar started out as a small event and with the encouragement of the East Coast Music Industry, their audience, performers, and sponsors and are now an industry recognized full day festival.

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