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Afterwards, we will head to historic Quebec City for the night, where we will get to spend time in the Historic District.Departing from Quebec City in the morning, our journey will take us to the Thousand Islands region, where we will take a cruise.The Attawapiskat River carved out several clusters of spectacular high limestone islands less than 100 kilometres (62 mi) from its mouth that are unique to the region.These formations (and therefore the river and community) are called chat-a-wa-pis-shkag in Swampy Cree (Omushkegowuk).So as some of you might know, this is my second attempt at blogging (sorry about the first).Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it today, because it may not be here tomorrow.

The community is connected to other towns along the shore of James Bay by the seasonal ice road/winter road constructed each December, linking it to the towns of Kashechewan First Nation, Fort Albany, and Moosonee (Minkin 2008:1) Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, and Kashechewan operate and manage the James Bay Winter Road through a jointly owned corporation named after the Cree word for "our road" kimesskanemenow, the Kimesskanemenow Corporation. More We're constantly adding new departures dates and times, as they're made available to Take Tours by our local suppliers.We also recommend you sign up for Take Tours's monthly email newsletter, in order to stay on top of the latest deals & travel news.Please note that no refunds are given for no-shows, transfers or cancellations within 5 weeks of the test date.Cancellations or transfers with more than 5-weeks’ notice are subject to a administration fee.Attawapiskat is the most remote northerly link on the 310-kilometre-long (190 mi) road to Moosonee.

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