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Positively Dating is a blog written by a 30-something gay man living in New York City.

The author chronicles the good, the bad and the ugly related to his dating life in order to spark a dialogue about HIV and relationships and to reduce stigma.

Serosorting is not a guaranteed strategy to prevent HIV transmission, but a lot of guys use it.

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The HIV-negative partner may concentrate on taking care...

I have been through all of the online matchmakers and I cannot find anyone remotely close...

I am not now in a relationship, but, I would like to be.

Learn about effective ways to reduce the chance of transmission like using condoms correctly and consistently, staying on treatment, and using Pr EP.

AIDS.gov: When One Partner is HIV Serosorting is when gay men choose only sex partners who have the same HIV status they do in an attempt to prevent HIV.

Learning how to disclose your status isn’t something most gay men discuss over cocktails on a Saturday night, although they should be.

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