Problems with be2 dating site


Be2claims to be a fast-growing international matchmaking service, but for us, it just screams of being a hot mess.The layout doesn’t present well from the very start, and that’s why we found ourselves disappointed to even look at it.

The man in the image had nothing to do with the scam Within less than a month into their relationship, 'Jeff' started requesting money from her, claiming his credit card had been stolen or that he needed the money to finish off his construction in Malaysia.'I wanted to see more proof that he was real so he sent me copies of the awards he got for his jobs, copy of his passport and I even got a phone call from his accountant – everything seemed sophisticated and very organised.

Are you tired of being alone and seem to have rotten luck with love?

While one night stands are easy solutions, most people don’t have the guts to approach a person for one.

Dung said he was not aware of Parsons's story and feels guilty about what happened.

A photo of Parsons, who was taken off life support and died in April after a suicide attempt, was used on Facebook to advertise a dating website under the heading, "Find Love in Canada!

'I just want to warn other women going through the same thing.

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