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While the site seems to be in a period of limbo, there are indications it's not going anywhere, at least not soon. Chatroulette is growing Despite complaints about pornographic content, since a fair number of people you randomly meet on Chatroulette happen to be randomly naked, Chatroulette's traffic has continued to grow, according to an analysis released in mid-March by the Internet traffic monitor com Score.

In a blog post, com Score says: The trend is beginning to catch on like wildfire with a recent growth trajectory far surpassing what we usually see with hot new sites.

Chatroulette actually first registered on our radar in the month of January with 109,000 U. unique visitors, so this is a very recent phenomenon.

I ask him if most people let him take the picture and Wig Guy tells me that actually most people get pretty pissed off because they don’t want to be filmed.

Though ironic (since they’re ON a webcam), this contradiction does make bandit, that keeps you hoping that the next spin will be a beautiful woman, an interesting guy or maybe a four-act play but the odds dictate that you’re far more likely to see a Q-tip inserted into a urethra.

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