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Swagger is a dating site that promotes safety and awareness.

When it comes to intimate encounters, we at Swagger Scan realize that most people aren’t waiting for #marriage.

And most of all their physical appearance aligns with the photos associated with their social media accounts! The point is – you took the leap of faith and the online encounter appears to be a real life opportunity for romance.

There you are in the middle of a date with this new in-person heartthrob, pretending to converse while gazing into the eyes wondering why they’re single.

For millennials, this fast-paced computer love-style approach to dating has become a frequent thing to do.

While […] Continue reading Having a tough time meeting people in public settings? News flash – These days it’s common place to find love on the net!

Ed has also been a guest speaker at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

Wells Frice is a Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst with more than 30 years of investment experience in various markets with an emphasis in common stocks.

Before the age of the internet and dating apps burst on the scene, a hookup is what may have been referred to as a one night stand.This is your moment to grab some Swagger Scan magic and sprinkle it into the conversation to help protect yourself.If you met on Swagger Scan and discussed the health awareness topic then you can easily pic up where you left off online and begin discussing verification.What happens when you […] Continue reading Wanting something deeper from your relationship suggests that currently things aren’t where you’d like them to be but you’re keenly aware that a deeper level exists. Maybe you’ve seen it, heard about it, read about it, or experienced it with a previous relationship but, if you now feel this way then there’s absolutely nothing […] Continue reading Meeting someone online and then preparing to meet them in person is one of the great experiences one can have on the internet.Although Swagger Scan insists on verification before trust, there’s no need to break out the hazmat suit on your first date with your next online flame.He is one of the Portfolio Managers for the value equity approach, assists in managing client relationships, and participates in business development.

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