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I have a right to decide where I go and what I do on a date. I have a right to end the relationship at any time.

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No one has the right to control whom we see or whom we choose as friends.

When I was growing up, we weren't allowed to do anything on school nights, weekends only.

But I don't want him to despise me - what is reasonable (he is very athletic, so his sports schedule is also affected by his decision to spend so much time with her) Hey if his grades aren't affected let him. The more you tell him no the more he's going to want to spend time with her.

I know you probably want to pull your hair out knowing your daughter's friend doesn't deserve her, or are wishing that her boyfriend would just move to another city (or country... Unfortunately, there's no magic dust I can send you to make that person go away, but I can give you some suggestions from our amazing Ask Elizabeth girls and experts on how to deal with the situation.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer; every situation is different, and only you can know which approach is right for your specific dynamic.

I have a 14yr old that loves spending time with her b/f would daily if it could happen if not talk on phone every day..i'ld rather have it happen where they are monitored than off alone or lying on meeting..

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