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In 1923, Hirschfeld introduced the (German) term "Transsexualismus", Benjamin went on to popularize the term in his 1966 book, The Transsexual Phenomenon, in which he described transsexual people on a scale (later called the "Benjamin scale") of three levels of intensity: "Transsexual (nonsurgical)", "Transsexual (moderate intensity)", and "Transsexual (high intensity)".True transsexuals feel that they belong to the other sex, they want to be and function as members of the opposite sex, not only to appear as such.When this happens stimulation or balance occurs to the body’s development, reproduction, growth, metabolism, and behavior. Hormones are delivered into a body through oral ingestion (pills), injections, pellets under the skin, vaginal cream, or a patch. Some of the dangers of hormone therapy are increased risk of strokes and heart attacks, increased occurrences of blood clots, the risk of cardio vascular disease increases, heightened risk of breast cancer, and increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.Q: What are extra safety steps to minimize some dangers of hormone therapy?British actor Hugh Grant wasn’t so lucky when he was arrested in his car on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in 1995 having sex with female hooker Divine Brown.

I've especially found this problem with female friends. Usually, the only people who truly "get it" are those who have or have had a good TS friend and they will probably suspect you anyway, since they intuitively learn what combinations of androgynous aspects that are giveaways.As you say, we're caught between a rock and a hard place. You could even say that, by not disclosing, we are protecting people (and ourselves) from their misconceptions.The thing is, if you disclose, you tend to cease being a person who is fun to be with, of good character, having fascinating ideas or interests etc. At the very least, it makes sense to me to hold off on disclosures as long as possible so the person gets a really good feel for who you really are.A person can minimize some of the dangers of hormone therapy by working with a doctor closely to follow a healthy low fat diet, regular exercise routine, regular checkups, and discuss changes in their body. The endocrine system is made up of glands such as the pituitary, thyroid (and parathyroids), hypothalamus, adrenals, pineal, testes, and ovaries.The bloodstream carries hormones these glands secrete to organs’ cells where homeostasis is achieved.“She asked him for a ride, and Eddie did so, like he had helped people in the past,” Block said.

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