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You made your New Year's resolutions, and congratulations if you still stuck with those goals!

Whether you're married or single, ASUBA thought why don't we as a community organization listen to our community?

Unlike in Slushie’s women’s studies courses, men outnumber women on [email protected] T; of the approximately 1,000 current users, two-thirds are male. “Within the first few days, I think I got 10 messages,” Slushie says.

Signing up a large number of users is crucial for any dating website, so to promote [email protected] T on campus, Lee and Danks recently hosted a speed-dating event.

Ching began his career as a National Opera Institute apprentice 1980–1981 at the Houston Grand Opera Studio, where he was involved in the company's productions and continued his composition studies with composer Carlisle Floyd.

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Perhaps it’s because so many students now commute, or are too focused on schoolwork, or are constantly plugged into their i Phones. The new dating site (loveatschool.com) created by computer science students Andrew Danks and Lori Lee, works just like other dating sites – you have a profile, a picture, likes and dislikes – but with one important difference: all users have registered U of T email addresses.

In addition, he studied flute, violin, and oboe, mostly for the sake of composition.

He started composing as a child, and by the time he reached high school he had studied composition at Interlochen and also had private composition instruction.

“Slushie” – the screen name of a third-year international student – joined [email protected] T a few months ago.

She’s never e-dated before, and hasn’t had much luck meeting men in her women’s studies courses, but is looking for someone with a similar schedule and lifestyle – ideally another student, she says.

We kept hearing how there just isn't a lot of talent out in Phoenix when it comes to dating. How can we as a non-profit organization, who tries to assist our youth and alumni create a fun atmosphere where you mingle, enjoy people and then meet talent? Why not try a scholarship fundraiser that is a social mixer? I'm sure you've heard of it before, but why not have fun and help our organization build scholarship funding for students?

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