Updating a ranch house

While architectural critics frequently disparage the uniformity of housing, that is precisely what buyers demand; they don't want to be stuck with an odd or dated house at the time of resale. But houses are not only investments, they are homes, and hence sources of personal pleasure and pride.

You can choose from a variety of different designs, including flat window-style skylights, tubes that extend through the attic insulation, and domed lights.

First popularized in the postwar period, the ranch houses were affordable structures that satisfied the needs and tastes of those returning from the war and starting new families.

The ranch house is characterized by its flexible utility and modest appearance, by its linear arrangement of rooms, and by its use of large expanses of glass for windows and sliding doors to join usable outdoor areas to comfortable, indoor space.

Today's ranch style floor plans combine open layouts and easy indoor-outdoor living.

Board-and-batten, shingles, and stucco are characteristic sidings for ranch house plans.

In the process, he explains how modern homes and communities are built.

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