Updating damn small linux firefox


I had a pretty good experience with Linux Mint Debian on it. I really liked Dillo, and Netsurf, but you could always go for a more feature-rich browser, like Midori.

Hi, Besides Ubuntu 10.10 I am using Crunch Bang 10 openbox on the old Celeron computer (see my sig. Crunch Bang is running well but even a little multitasking is making my pc slow. It won't register the DNS servers, no matter if you mention them or leave it blank to use your ISP's servers.

Puppy - Not as light as DSL, but it is actively being updated, and has a lot of programs.

DSL - Not actively developed, but it runs like a champ on 10 year old hardware. Personally, I would go with Arch Ice WM or Openbox, or go for Slackware.

The VMWare site contains a 260 MB Browser Appliance, which is an Ubuntu Linux with pre-installed Firefox browser.

But my intention for a Linux download is not only to get a safe surfing environment, but also to upgrade this to a full Linux installation sufficient for software development. There is only one user configured, so you don't have to enter a username - the full GUI with a browser appears instantly. To install software, enter System / Administration / Add Applications.

I like it when developers have the craftsmanship to bundle lots of great stuff into small, highly practical packages, proving that size matters not.Now, has anyone here used both Crunch Bang & DSL or Crunch Bang & Puppy ? DSL is dead; hasn't been updated since '08 (I think). From all the above mentioned, the lightest is an Arch linux install with Openbox stand alone (or any other feather weight window manager). Crunchbang - The only thing light about it is the window manager.I am trying to know which one of these is the lightest & can be installed to hard drive ? It has programs that are meant for newer computers.Keep that in mind while reading this article, as this is not a competition between the two. Thus, from this moment on, we shall refer to Damn Small Linux as Puppy's small brother ... In this article, we'll review the (currently) latest version, 4.4.10. On modern machines, DSL will reach the desktop in as little as 20-30 seconds. The look and feel is very much mid-90s and not suited for everyone, especially not people with a developed sense of aesthetics.But it runs with as little as 25MB of RAM taken ...Furthermore, it managed to look good, run fast, stay stable.

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