Updating odbc mga salik sa pagdating ng mga kanluranin

It's not because it's DSN-less, but because you created it via VBA.

If you link the view via the Access GUI, it asks you for the primary key.

Have you been using IE11 when you were still on Windows 7?

If no solution is found, there is always the option of downgrading back to Windows 7.

With some ODBC drivers, executing a complex stored procedure may fail with an error similar to: "Cannot open a cursor on a stored procedure that has anything other than a single select statement in it". Also, some drivers don't support the optional row_number parameter in As always Microsoft is clueless...

I've been trying to connect to an Access database on a W2K on the network (not a local file, but mapped on the V: drive), via ODBC.

The ETL plan is basically the same however, getting to a solution was not a smooth as originally estimated.

The SQL Server is 64-bit but there are no 64-bit connectivity drivers available for the Polyhedra platform. Installation and configuration of a DSN was relatively straightforward.

SSIS packages are run using which is 64-bit on a 64-bit machine, it can no longer access the 32-bit DSN.We needed the Sql Command property to be dynamic so the date range of the WHERE clause could change at run-time. Net sources do not allow expressions to be used on their properties nor do they allow a Sql Command based on a variable. An odd solution is to create an expression in the Data Flow task that contains the ADO. From the Data Flow task expression property you are able to access the ADO.Net Source Sql Command property to build a dynamic query. NET is the Microsoft Web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software. NET technology provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with Web services. NET-connected solutions enable businesses to integrate their systems more rapidly and in a more agile manner and help them realize the promise of information anytime, anywhere, on any device."For more details about the entire framework, consult the FAQ Microsoft provide at: However, there are some important differences between the two. NET from an ADO programmer’s perspective can be found at: of the key changes that ADO. NET Data Providers fall into two categories: bridge providers and native providers. This interface will be familiar to users of the older Active X Data Objects (ADO) data access interface.But if I use a DSN-less connection to a view using vba code (Method 1 from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/892490), it is linked as a table that is NOT updatable.

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