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As you may know, many of the Pandarian factions had Commendations you could purchase from their reputation vendor that would allow any other character on your account to get TWICE the reputation gains from items or quests.

My son’s account did not have any such Commendations.

I recently merged his World of Warcraft account onto my Battle.

They state that the easiest method to remove the malware is to delete the bogus Curse Client and then run a scan with an updated version of Malwarebytes.These sort of outbreaks are annoying, but an Authenticator still protects your account 99% of the time.So this tutorial isn't going to be a deep networking tutorial, or how to fix problems with your internet connection, nope.It upgrades the game, and designs it to its own taste.Once you check out all those add-ons, your look at the game will change, and Vanilla will become just a distant newbie past.If you are one of the people who has had their account compromised, you can get instructions on what to do HERE.

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