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'I’m listening,” Viggo Mortensen says, his back turned to pour a glass of water.

Among the Best Actor nominees was the surprise inclusion of real-life Ghostbuster villain Viggo Mortensen, for Captain Fantastic.He became good friends with the close-knit stunt men on the "Lord of the Rings" films, but they were wary of doing fight scenes with him because, carried away with the intensity of his character Aragorn, he would frequently "really go at them" and leave the other combatants in bruises.Massive actor Lawrence Makoare, playing Lurtz under heaps of make-up which restricted his vision, also got ...Has published book available at or Barnesand called 'Recent Forgeries'.Included in the book are writings, paintings, collages, assemblages, found objects, and photographs that point to the fluidity of meaning of a world in flux, as well as a special spoken-word and music CD by, author, musician, photographer, poet and painter.

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